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Songwriters in Paradise (SIP) NAPA

In 2013 Nashville-based singer songwriter Patrick Davis took an offer to perform as a solo artist at The Firefly Sunset Resort in Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas and instead asked if he could try out an idea he believed would be more beneficial (and fun) for all parties involved.  Patrick's idea was to bring a few of his incredibly talented musical friends to Hope Town's Bahamian island paradise for a multi-day songwriters festival, and when Jim Irvin &  Lorenzo Barigelli of The Firefly Sunset Resort agreed with Patrick's vision Songwriters In Paradise was born.  Patrick's first SIP HOPE TOWN festival included just 8 songwriters and 3 nights of music, but even with those relatively small numbers the very first SIP HOPE TOWN was enough of a success for Patrick, Jim & Lorenzo to know they were on to something worth trying again (& again)... and this coming February SIP HOPE TOWN will celebrate it's 7th anniversary with 20 world class songwriters performing to a sold out island at 5 extraordinary venues for almost an entire week.  With the success of SIP HOPE TOWN Patrick has now taken Songwriters In Paradise to the paradises of CABO & NAPA with SIP CABO entering year #3 in October of 2019 & the inaugural SIP NAPA set for a not to be missed wine country debut March 21st - 24th, 2019.  

While every Songwriters In Paradise festival is uniquely crafted to showcase the beauty & style of each SIP paradise, what never changes is the focus on the idea that sparked what is Songwriters In Paradise in the first place & that is to bring together the world's top songwriting & performing talent with the world's most exclusive & awe inspiring destinations for a one of a kind night after night priceless musical experience (for the select few who are fortunate enough to attend).  We call our SIP paradises, songwriters & attendees our "SIP Family", because it is the goal of Songwriters In Paradise to not have you attend one event, one year, in one paradise, but to have you attend every event, every year in every paradise. 

Much Love.

Songwriters In Paradise