Emily Stevenson

A music fan all her life, Emily came into the industry by way of marketing and PR.  She was in the midst of building advertising campaigns for a number of venues and handling their budgets and schedules, when she took the plunge into artist management and talent buying. Today, Emily manages all contract negotiations, promotional plans and event budgets. She works tirelessly to ensure that event partnerships are well-managed so that brand activations on event sites are everything that sponsors want them to be and more. Event clients love her detailed spreadsheets that allow them to know exactly how many tickets it takes to put the bottom line number in the black, corporate clients appreciate her ability to work within their budgets, and non-profit organizations thank her time and again for being conscious of their end goals to raise money and awareness. Add to that her ability to maintain great relationships with both agents and artist managers to see why Emily has built such a great reputation over the years.

Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Journalism & Mass Comm., The University of Iowa (1998)
Master of Business Administration, Rollins College (2003)


Joe Stevenson

Joe spent the first decade of his music career an artist – recording, writing and touring relentlessly up and down the East Coast. After saying goodbye to the road, Joe took on artist management, talent buying, venue management, show promoter all while hosting and programming The Radar on WCHZ in Augusta Ga for over 13 years. While Joe still writes and performs today, his love for logistics and events propelled him into the business of turning unconventional venues into fan favorite locations to see shows. It’s Joe’s goal to ensure that every way an event comes in contact with a sponsor, concertgoer, vendor, volunteer, reporter, artist and more is a positive experience. He has a knack for building great collaborations between brands and events, so that both receive the maximum exposure and return on their partnership. Whether he’s overseeing a private fundraiser for 100, managing a public event for 10,000 plus, or planning a corporate concert event, he maintains the same detailed professionalism with all parties involved. Mix that with his excellent artist relation skills and it’s easy to understand why both clients and performers want to work with Joe again and again.  

Augusta College (1991-1994)